Crochet UGG Boots Vs Knit – What to Look For Online

To most people it may seem like “splitting hairs” to differentiate between Crochet UGG Boots and Knit UGG boots, but when you are browsing or seriously shopping for either online it could be important to know the difference.  

The difference between the boots has to do with the type of stitch the material is created with – a “crochet” stitch is made differently and has a slightly different appearance than the various types of “knit” stitches – and on some websites they may be classified differently, making it a bit tricky to find the pair you are looking for.

Here are the styles of Crochet Boots from UGG Australia:

UGG Classic Cardy – This is not only one of the most popular boots in the UGG Australia lineup, it is one of the best-selling boots in the world for ladies and girls.  It is created with a wool blend upper that has quite a bit of versatility in that it can be worn up and buttoned, slouched or folded over – each of these ways provides a distinctly different look

Classic Crochet – This is the “classic” and rather simple (but elegant) look, and is currently available only in kids’ sizes. 

Suburb UGG Crochet Boot – This is one of the more loved boots by women and girls that live in very cold environments during the winter.  It has a suede upper, crochet shaft sheepskin fringe and leather lacing about the top of the boot to add some flair to the look. 

Knit Boots from UGG Australia:

UGG Argyle Knit Boot – This is one of the newer styles for women from UGG Australia and has a lovely argyle knit pattern.  It is available in some warm and earthy colors – just “out of the gate” for the fall and winter season.

UGG Cable Knit Stripe – A fun and different look in the women’s UGG boot collection!  Horizontal stripes up the boot (alternating dark and white stripes), with a gorgeous cable knit pattern.  This is a sort of a mix of “classic” and “sassy” looks and could be one of the more popular boots of the season.

There will likely be more boots added to both the Crochet UGG Boots and Knit collections over time – no matter which specific boot you wear, it is sure that you will love the feeling of indulgence with the luxurious comfort and lovely classic style.